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dr hab. J. Grela w Council for Research in Values and Philosophy


Gratulujemy dr hab. Joannie Greli zasiadania w międzynarodowym zespole Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (siedziba: Uniwersytety w Waszyngtonie i Pekinie)



i życzymy owocnej współpracy międzynarodowej.



Informacje o organizacji

The purpose of the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP) is to identify areas related to values and social life which are in need of research, to bring together the professional competencies in philosophy and related human sciences needed for this research, and to publish the resulting studies. It does this through local research teams in all parts of the globe, which are interrelated through regional conferences and annual 10 week seminars. These respond to the new awareness of the cultural grounds of human life and the newly global character of their interaction.

The Council grew out of a series of international philosophical conferences in India, Jerusalem, Kenya, New York and Bogota beginning in the 1970s. It has promoted team research on cultural heritage and contemporary change resulting in the publication and distribution of 200 volumes.

The Council is constituted of prominent philosophers and social scientists from the many countries across the world. It was formally organized and incorporated in the District of Columbia in 1983 with 501 C3 status where it directs the Center for the Study of Culture and Values.


- To understand and appreciate one?s own culture and the values that shape aspirations and motivate actions.
- To understand other cultures and to develop a positive yet critical appreciation thereof.      
- To build cooperation among peoples by healing deep tensions and promoting peace and cooperation on a global scale


- To mobilize research teams to study the nature, interpretation and development of cultures and to apply them to the challenges of contemporary change.
- To publish and distribute the results of these efforts
- To organize extended seminars for deeper exploration of these issues and regional conferences for the coordination of this work.


Data opublikowania: 07.10.2016
Osoba publikująca: Agnieszka Kowalska