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Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z ofertą programów językowych Ritsumeikan University - zima 2023

Ritsumeikan University Winter Japanese Programs provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn Japanese and experience Japanese culture. This is possible only at Ritsumeikan which has a lineup of professional Japanese teachers as well as the perfect location to feel the culture at the heart of Japan, Kyoto.


By joining our intensive Japanese programs, your students will be able to have a deep understanding of Japanese language and culture. We also offer fieldwork to various cultural spots such as Kinkaku-ji Temple, tea ceremony, Maiko experience, and much more (contents are subject to change). Join us and students from all over the world for our intensive Japan learning experience offered only at Ritsumeikan.


Program List





Program Type

(none are hybrid)



Program Period

Jan 17 - Feb17, 2023

Feb 21  Mar 3, 2023

Jan 10  Jan 20, 2023

Jan 24  Feb 3, 2023

Application Period

Sep 29  Oct 27, 2022

Sep 29  Nov 25, 2022

Dec 6  Dec 20, 2022

Dec 20  Jan 3, 2023

Program Duration

5 weeks

2 weeks

2 weeks


JPY 508,550

Includes Housing Fee

JPY 201,200

Includes Housing Fee

JPY 35,000


Japanese Language Class

Japanese Culture Class 

Japanese Language Class

Collaborative Learning Class

Tabata Training (optional)

Who can participate

Current undergrad/postgraduate students


All levels welcome (except N1 holders)


Students do NOT need a visa

(Some students might need a visa depending on their passport. Please check with the local embassy or consulate for details.)


Single rooms in hotel

designated by the university


How to apply & program details



Through website (coming soon)

(contents will be the same

as summer programs)

Transcript (Non-degree seeking, no credits issued)

Transcript Issued

Transcript NOT Issued

Transcript Issued




<Refund Policy>

In case the programs are cancelled, they will be cancelled before any payment occurs so students do not need to worry about refund. However, in unavoidable situations such as pandemic or natural disaster, programs could be cancelled. For refund policy in such situations, please refer to our pledge when applying (it can be downloaded from each program page).



Students do not need a visa to join this program since it is short-term. However, depending on which nationality and which passport they have, they may need to apply for one. In case a student needs to have a visa issued, we will be glad to support them with the procedure. For the latest details: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website



Starting from October 11, 2022, all entrees are required to provide either a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate (3 doses) of vaccines on the Emergency Use List of WHO or a certificate of negative result of pre-departure COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to departing from the original country.

For any questions about visa or vaccine, please contact the nearest embassy or consulate. For the latest details: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website


For any inquires please contact us or visit our website at We look forward to hearing from you soon.



Mika Fuchino (Ms.) 渕野美香

Study Abroad Center | Ritsumeikan University

56-1 Toji-in, Kitamachi, Kita-ku,

Kyoto, JAPAN 603-8577

RSJP website: