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Szkoła letnia organizowana przez KU Leuven, Belgia (5-10 września 2022)

Dzięki uczestnictwu Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego w sieci EUROPEAUM studenci, którzy będą chcieli wziąć udział w szkole, mają zagwarantowane nieodpłatne uczestnictwo.

Informujemy o Szkole Letniej (5-10 września 2022) organizowanej przez KU Leuven, Belgia. Wszystkich zainteresowanych aplikowaniem zachęcamy do zapoznania się z poniższymi informacjami.

Debates and struggles to do with historical memory are front and centre of politics in our era. From the destruction of artefacts through warfare,  to the contestation of the heritage of the colonial era, to the omnipresence of the Second World War in conversations about security in Europe,  there are myriad examples of how the past resonates in the present. It is not just a question for scholars; it is discussed by activist networks and social  movements from local through to global levels, and challenged or instrumentalised by political leaders. At its core are questions of power,  historical justice, responsibility and moral obligation.    

The Summer School, organised by the Europaeum in partnership with KU Leuven, will explore the complex issue of heritage, in both its material and ideational dimensions,  with a special focus on Europe’s tangled relationship with the non-Western world in the colonial period and after. It will do so from  the conceptual and methodological vantage point of a variety of disciplines,  including History, Archaeology, Social Anthropology, Law, Politics, and International Relations. This, our 29th Summer School,  will bring together scholars and experts from across the Europaeum network and beyond,  to discuss this urgent topic over five days of talks, panels, working groups, debates, role-playing, discussions, and cultural activities.    

We welcome applications from master’s and doctoral students from within the Europaeum network who wish to either present a 10 to 15-minute paper or contribute to the discussions.  Participants will be given pre-event reading materials and join lively working groups during the event.  Those not presenting a paper will be allocated a role as discussant to kick-start Q&A sessions following on from presentations.    

Deadline: 27 June 2022

Ulotkę w formacie .pdf można pobrać tutaj.