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New course "Introduction to Afro-caribbean religions: orisha journeys between Africa and America" by Professor Nahayeilli Juarez Huet

Dear Students,

we invite you to join our new virtual course by guest lecturer Professor Nahayeilli Juarez Huet, PhD.

Introduction to Afro-caribbean religions: orisha journeys between Africa and America
(WFz.KPSC-8672​, 5 ECTS60 hours, course starts October 2nd and ends November 13th)

Course type: lecture

Assessment methods and assessment criteria: attendance (student is allowed 2 unexcused absences) and class participation

Course description:
The course is divided into two parts. The first is a general introduction to transatlantic slavery, since Afro-Caribbean religions are born out of contact between Africans, Europeans, and Americans (in the continental sense) in the New World in a colonial context. 

The second part we will enter to understand more fully the particular contexts of the emergence of Afro-Caribbean religions, their circulation and adaptation to new contexts in Latin America.  I will include diverse ethnographic examples of these religions from my own research in México, Cuba and Nigeria. I will also use teaching tools like images and videos, cinema, music, interviews and poadcast. Students will be able to see real ceremonies led by practitioners of these religions in order to enrich their perspective concerning them. 

All the material will be provided by the teacher, however material and references provided by the students will be welcomed and included.  All off-line activities will be specified in each session. Students are expected to carry them out so that they could be discussed in class.

The course consists of 60 hours total, including lectures and consultations for students.





Week 1


Session 1

Introduction to the course

Week 2


Session 2

Slavery from Africa to America.

Session 3

The emergence of Afro-Caribbean religions

Week 3


Session 4

Magic and religion: Africa and the laboratory of otherness



Session 5

Afro-Caribbean religions in general

Week 4


Session 6

Artists, religious and scientists: interconnections between America, Europe and Africa

Session 7

Afro-Caribbean religions in particular part 1

Week 5


Session 8

Afro-Caribbean religions in particular part 2

Session 9

Circulation and adaptation of Yoruba Tradition in Latin America

Week 6


Session 10

Yoruba Tradition in Mexico

Session 11



Learning outcomes:
The course is designed to provide the student with general information and understanding  of Afro-Caribbean religions expressions from the period of slavery to the present. We will pay special attention to the ways these religions have evolved and adapt in new contexts taking as a central example that of the Orisha tradition and its circulation in Latin America. 


Thursday: 17.00-19.00 (online)
Friday: 18.00-20.00 (online)

Course starts October 2nd and ends November 13th.
Due to short-term nature of the course, first class will happen on October 2nd.

Classes will be held online via MS Teams.
More details will be released soon.

Profesor Nahayeilli B. Juárez Huet, PhD is a professor and investigator at the Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social (CIESAS), a world renowned Mexican center for studies and research in social anthropology. Her academic interests include circulation of cultural expressions of African descendence, as well as new spiritualities New Age in Mexico.  She participated in various research grants, and conducted anthropological fieldwork in Mexico, Cuba, and Nigeria. Author of numerous internationally recognized publications, and winner of several academic distinctions, such as the Cátedra Dr. Gonzalo Aguirre Beltrán Award (2008).

She is a member of UNESCO INAH/CIESAS Afrodescendientes en México y Centroamérica: reconocimiento, expresiones y diversidad cultural Department, the international Laboratorio Mixto Internacional Movilidades, Gobernanza y Recursos en la Cuenca Mesoamericana, as well as the Red de Investigadores del Fenómeno Religioso en México. She also collaborates in didactic and interactive initiatives against racism at schools led by Red INTEGRA: Red de Investigación Interdisciplinaria sobre Identidades, Racismo y Xenofobia en América Latina.

Zdjęcie portretowe na białym tle przedstawiające prof. Nahayeilli B. Juárez Huet.

You can register via USOSweb from September 18th till September 30th.

​To register click here.

If you have any trubles with your registration, please write an email to Mrs. Krystyna Mierzwa ( giving your name, last name, student number, the title of the chosen course at KPSC and the name of the host department at the JU