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The Position of Woman in the Religious Structures of Various Traditions

Discussion Panel

13th March 2014

Grodzka 52 Street, 2nd floor, room no 119


the organiser: Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilisations


What is the position of woman in particular cultural traditions? What are the prospects of the change in the role of woman in more or less conservative societies? Is there any chance that the pope will make woman a cardinal? Can a woman become the next Dalai Lama?

These questions were addressed by the Centre's researchers and their guests during two panel sessions. All the major religious traditions of the world were acknowledged, from Christianity, through Buddhism, Judaism and Islam to Hinduism. Moreover, the considerations included such phenomena as female shamanism and theosophy. The main purpose of the panel was to define the role of woman in both strongly and weakly structured religions. The speakers reflected on the issue of historical circumstances, while focusing on their influence on the contemporary reality, and aimed at surpassing the framework of the previous discussions on the role of woman in the society, religion and culture. The panel was concluded by a debate whose purpose was to outline the perspectives for possible changes.

The Guests invited to the panel are: Prof. Shoshana Ronen, Prof. Stanisław Obirek, Mr. Adam Szostkiewicz (journalist), Ms. Halina Radacz (deaconess)

The programme

Session I (12:00 – 13:15)

Prof. Stanisław Obirek:                     The Christian Feminism – Myth or Reality?

Joanna Gruszewska MA:                   Women in the Early Buddhism

Dr Joanna Grela:                              Women and the Contemporary Buddhism              

Ms. Halina Radacz:                           The Christian Reform                       

Prof. Shoshana Ronen:                     The Status and the Role of Women in Judaism


Coffee break


Session II (13:35 – 14:40)

Dr hab. Izabela Trzcińska:                 Female Theosophers              

Dr Marta Teperska:                            Woman in Islam        

Dr Paulina Niechciał:                         Woman in Zarathustrianism                                     

Dr Agata Świerzowska:                     Hinduism and Yoginis                                 

Dr Renata Iwicka:                             Female Shamans in Japan


Coffee break


Summary discussion (15:00 – 16:00)

A debate with Prof. Stanisław Obirek, Dr Joanna Grela and Ms. Halina Radacz

Moderator: Mr. Adam Szostkiewicz


The panel is opened for the public (free admittance) and shall be conducted in Polish.

Published Date: 27.03.2014
Published by: Małgorzata Kniaź