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New Light. On Philosophical Questions of the Contemporary Art of Light

The project is financed by the National Center for Science within the framework of the competition Prelude 4

Project Executive: Dr Paulina Tendera

Project Supervisor: Prof. Dr hab. Leszek Sosnowski

Project duration: September 2013 - June 2015

The aim of the project entitled New Light. On Philosophical questions of the art of Light is the presentation of the philosophical description of the contemporary art of light.

The working hypothesis is that contemporary art can be described by formal method of philosophical analyse. The hypothesis will be verified through the example of the art of light. The proposed structure penetrates the ontology of a masterpiece by reaching for the conceptions of the sensory levels prevalent in a work of art (Stróżewski) and for the concretisation of the piece of art and the aesthetic experience (Ingarden). This kind of structure is not an artistic critique but an attempt to renew the formal values of the piece of art in contemporary art discourse.