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The Concept of Gender in Selected Areas of Muslim Culture. An Attempt at Deconstructing Western Perception about the Contemporary Islamic Republic of Iran

Executives: Monika Kołodziej MA, Mateusz Skowronek

Supervisor: Dr Joanna Grela

Project duration: February 2012

The project served as a preliminary stage for further transcultural research concerning contemporary Muslim identity. The aim of the project was to confront the western image of religious Iran with the current reality of the local youth and young adults. The field studies were focused on the process of social change involving questions of gender and social roles among young English-speaking Iranians from the big cities of Teheran, Isfahan, and Yazd.
Selected results and conclusions were published in the article "Hijab is my, our lie". Two faces of youth generation in contemporary Iran published in "The Polish Journal of the Arts and Culture" (1/2012).