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The Polish Journal of the Arts and Culture. New Series

„The Polish Journal of the Arts and Culture" was founded in 2012 as a publishing series of "Estetyka i Krytyka". The journal has welcomed submissions from all interested parties wishing to exchange more profound thoughts and ideas on different aspects of culture – its nature, the processes that have shaped it in the past and continue to influence it now, and its forms that have varied depending on the period or civilisation in which they developed. The interdisciplinary profile of the Journal has allowed a combination of different research perspectives including philosophical, sociological, anthropological as well as literature, religion, or broadly understood cultural studies, with the recent developments in the latter being of special interest. Since 2015 „The Polish Journal of the Arts and Culture. New Series" appears half-yearly in digital format and is colportated by the Jagiellonian University Publishing House.

Publications in the Journal include:

  • Theoretical papers
  • Methodological texts
  • Reports on empirical studies
  • Other reports and communications
  • Translations of papers focused on different aspects of cultural studies
  • Reviews of other texts of relevance for cultural studies

We invite submissions in Polish or English. Papers should be sent to: