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Imaginatio et actio. Imagination in Esoteric Traditions

The concept of esotericism, which evokes so many different associations, also hides an imaginary reality, full of paradoxical images and categories. Their expression comprises hope and nostalgia, insanity and mission, bravery and doubt. At the same time, it blurs the distinct lines between the real and the imagined, the rational and the irrational. These dimensions find their reflection in art that is inspired by esotericism, as well as in esoteric practice. For even if the boundaries of imagination delimit the space of the human world, they are also constantly transgressed and the dynamics of this transgression constitute without doubt one of the most interesting research issues in this field.

During our conference we would like to reflect on the way in which esotericism conquers the imagination, how it forms it, expresses it and how it engages it. Thus, we would like to look at the contents and meanings which are often hidden deeply in iconographic riddles, in textual symbolism, in allegories of tradition. We intend our analysis to facilitate our access into a world founded in myths and stories of initiation, as well as ritual practice. We are also interested in a reflection on the manner in which imaginary esoteric worlds and actions function in a common mental space.

We invite anyone interested to submit papers on the following topics:
– the creation of esoteric worlds,
– creative imagination,
– esoteric mythologies in action – the past and present,
– transforming reality through esoteric practice,
– the institutionalisation of action and imagination,
– esoteric sources of imagination,
– esoteric art, its inspirations and symbolism,
– the space of the imagination in esoteric rituals,
– esoteric initiation in the perspective of imagination,
– the image of the world in esotericism,
– the derealisation of the world in esoteric imagination.

See the conference web web page for more details.