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The Victim

18th-10th September 2010

The Centre for the Comparative Studies of Civilisations, Main Square 24, 3rd floor, room no 33

The conference has been organised by the Students Research Groups of the Comparative Studies of Civilisations and Philosophy. Its purpose was a deconstruction and analysis of the idea and image of the victim in medial, political and cultural discourse.

The programme
10.00–10.15    The opening of the conference, Karolina Dobosz, Natalia Nadkańska



10.15–10.45  The Problem of Press Photography as the Main Source of the Information about the World, Magdalena Popławska, JU

10.45–11.15  Dionysian Sacrifice – The Staging of Suffering in Photography Jeff Wall, Konrad Wojnowski, JU

11.15–11.45  Water&Oil – the Reenactment of the Victim in the Photographs of Vogue, Martyna Nowicka


The Near East

12.00–12.30  Gentlemen Do Not Speak about the Dead – Polish Media and the Civil Casualties in the Near East, Michał Radziechowski, Pedagogical University

12.30–14.00  The Situation in Palestine – the Casualties of Occupation, Omar Faris, The European Campaign for the Removal of the Gaza Blockage, the Socio-Cultural Association of Polish Palestinians

14.00–14.30 The Casualties, the Fighters and the Martyrs – Their Image in the Visual Propaganda of the Islamic Groups, Jacek Skup JU



16.00–16.30  A Materialised State of Emergency – Sri Lankan Camps for the Displaced. The Perspective of Giorgio Agamben, Karolina Dobosz JU

16.30–17.00  Is the Victim Indispensable for Development?, Katarzyna Zofia Gdowska, AGH

17.00–17.30  Who is the Hangman and Who the Victim? The In-vitro Method in Catholic Journals – an Analysis of Discourse, Klaudyna Hebda, JU

17.30–18.00  Animals – Unobvious Victims, Filip Wróblewski, JU


18.00–18.15  The Conclusion of the Conference. Presentation of Diplomas to the Participants