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Decision. Action. Influence. The Activity of Women from an Intercultural Perspective

26th-27th March 2009


Rajska 4 Street, Regional Public Library


The Conference was organised by the Students Research Groups of the Comparative Studies of Civilisations and Philosophy. The honorary patronage of the conference was taken by the Rector of Jagiellonian University and Students Journal "Manko".

The main subject of the conference were the actions (both explicit and implicit) undertaken by women (both individual and collective) which influence the life of the society as a whole. We were particularly interested in the intercultural perspective and practical approach to the current issues. The conference was open to scholars working in various disciplines: philosophy, anthropology, sociology, legal, psychological and linguistic.

We suggested the following topics to be considered. Do women make decisions that are binding for society as a whole? Do women have power? Do women make decisions with regards to legislation, judiciary? Do women have executive powers? Do women make decisions that are significant for the health, safety and wellbeing of the particular members of the given society, tribe, nation, country? Does history know of instances when the women had total power? How do the social expectations concerning women affect their access to power as well as the decisions they make? Do women take actions aimed at transforming the societies they live in? Do women gather in order to organise protests, strikes and demonstrations? Do they undertake actions of a scientific, intellectual or social nature that aim at changing the mentality, lifestyle and conditions of the society as a whole? Are the women who refrain from taking any formally social actions significant for the life of the society? Do women create reality by means of artistic creation? How does the reception of their art look? What are the subjects manifested in the women's art? Is their art elaborated upon? What is the place of the women artists in society?


Post-conference publication