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Dr Tobiasz Targosz

Dr Tobiasz Targosz


Graduated from Jagiellonian University, the Faculty of History, majoring in history and ethnology, the Faculty of International and Political Studies, majoring in Far Eastern studies, and the Faculty of Philology, majoring in sinology. Over the course of 2010- 2023, he studied and conducted field research in both mainland China and Taiwan, as well as in Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. He is interested in marginalized groups in East and Southeast Asia.

Scholarly interests

  • Historical anthropology of East and Southeast Asia.
  • The Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia and East Asia.
  • Ethnic minorities of East and Southeast Asia.
  • Zomia as a geographical, historical, and cultural region.
  • Migration studies in the East Asian and Southeast Asian region.

Selected publications

  • 2023 Współczesna tajwańska literatura aborygeńska jako narzędzie ekspresji tożsamości kulturowej na przykładzie twórczości Sakinu Ahronglonga, „Perspektywy kultury”, No. 41 (2.2).
  • 2021 Symboliczne wymiary birmańskiego nacjonalizmu i polityki, 1885-2015, Kraków.
  • 2017 Never Mind the Generals. Burmese Punk Rock Scene as a Vehicle for Manifesting Changing Notions of Burmese Identity, “Prace etnograficzne”, vol. 45, No 2.
  • 2016 Burmese culture during the Colonial Period in the  years 1885-1931,  “Politeja”, Human values in Intercultural Space, No.5 (44).
  • 2015 Droga do doliny D’rung, Studium chińskiego wewnętrznego kolonializmu, „Prace Etnograficzne”, vol. 43, No 4.
  • 2014 Chinese involvement in Southeast Asia on Myanmar example, in: ed. Gacek, Ł., Trojnar, E., “China at the beginning of the XXI century”, Kraków.
  • 2013, Burmese nationalism as a form of Buddhist nationalism. Religious influences used in the Burmese policy in the period 1947-1988, in: ed. Pycińska M., Wiciarz K., “Nationalism and religion. Reflections on the universality of concepts and theories in the context of research in Asia and North Africa”, Kraków.
  • 2012 Myanmar political culture in historical perspective,  “Humanities International”, 4th edition, Xiamen.

Research projects

  • 2015-2016 Taiwan, National Chengkung University, Tainan, Taiwan Project title: Taiwan's policy towards Myanmar 2010-2015, funded by the International Visegrad Fund.
  • 2023 Taiwan, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Project title: Southeast Asian Immigrants, Students and Migrant Workers in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and the impact of Covid-19 pandemic- an anthropological study, funded by the International Visegrad Fund.

Other achievements

  • 2016-2017- People's Republic of China, Beijing, Minzu University of China, School of Ethnology and Sociology, Erasmus+, doctoral student exchange, completed research project: ethnic minorities of the Burma-China borderland.
  • 2015- Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, research camp.
  • 2013-2014 People's Republic of China, Kunming, Chinese Government Scholarship, Yunnan University, course in Anthropology of Yunnan Ethnic Minorities (taught in Chinese), Chinese language course.
  • 2012 Taiwan, Tainan, doctoral student exchange, National Cheng Kung University.
  • 2010-2011 People's Republic of China, Xiamen, Chinese government scholarship, Xiamen University.


  • Hardcore/punk music,
  • travel,
  • photography.