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Dr Paulina Tendera

Dr Paulina Tendera


Born in 1984, in Kraków, currently living in Krzeszowice. In February 2013 she defended her doctoral thesis, and since October 2013 she has been employed at the Department of Comparative Civilisation Studies, Jagiellonian University. She lectures on aesthetics, philosophy of art, aesthetics and transcultural art theory. She conducts a seminar for doctoral students that is devoted to research projects, the writing and editing of scientific texts, copyright and indexation in databases.

Academic interests

  • transcultural aesthetics;
  • the philosophy of art inspired by phenomenology;
  • the metaphysics of light (Platonism);
  • Hegel`s philosophy of art and history.

Selected publications

  • 2014, From Philosophy of Light to the Art of Light, "The Polish Journal of The Arts and Culture".
  • 2010, Light - Beauty. Plato`s Two Paths of Wisdom, "Kwartalnik Filozoficzny", Z. 37 (1).
  • 2010, Remarks on Romantic Art, "Studia Humanistyczne" AGH (2010).
  • 2009, The Category of Light in Plato`s Philosophy, "Estetyka i Krytyka" 3 (1/2009).

Research projects

  • "César Manrique - Transcultural Art and Fusion in Art" - pro-quality grant of the Department of Philisophy in academic year 2014/2015; in cooperation with Fundación César Manrique and Wojciech Rubiś;
  • 2013-2015 New Light. On philosophical questions of the Contemporary Art of Light, 2012/07/N/HS1/00438, Preludium, National Science Centre.
  • 2009-2012 From Philosophy of Light to the Art of Light. The Hegelian interpretation of the transformation of Idea; N N101 169138, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Head: Leszek Sosnowski.
  • 2013/2014 Artistic thinking within the Film Arts, Faculty of Philosophy, pro-quality grant.


  • my dog named Plato;
  • Home and garden in the summer;
  • art.