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Dr Paulina Niechciał

Dr Paulina Niechciał


Several years ago I chose ethnological studies, because I wanted to travel and meet people of different cultures in different parts of the world. I have never regretted that decision, as today I do indeed travel, experience, explore, translate, explain, and describe. In time, I supplemented anthropology with Iranian studies, developing an interest in the Middle East and Central Asia, and a knowledge of the Persian language, and with sociology – above all , the sociology of religion.

Academic interests

  • sociology of religion;
  • contemporary culture of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan;
  • Zoroastrianism;
  • religious minorities in the Middle East and Central Asia;
  • issues of identity.

Selected publications

  • 2018, Sacred Homeland, Glorious Ancestors and Old-time Language: Ethnic Elements in the Identity of the Zoroastrian Religious Minority in Modern Tehran, in: Minority Religions in Europe and the Middle East: Mapping and Monitoring, ed. G. D. Chryssides, New York, p. 65–77.
  • 2018, Zoroastrians and Assyrians during the Constitutional Revolution in Iran (1905-1911) [Zaratusztrianie i Asyryjczycy w okresie rewolucji konstytucyjnej w Iranie (1905-1911)], "Przegląd Orientalistyczny", No 3-4(263-264), p. 303-319 (with Marcin Rzepka).
  • 2016, Are Zoroastrians a Nation? Different Identity Formations/Patterns of Iranian and Indian Zoroastrians, "Iran and the Caucasus" No 20(3-4), p. 277–296 (with Mateusz Kłagisz).
  • 2016, National Identity Tajik-style: Reworking the Concept of the Nation and its History in the Public Arena of the Republic of Tajikistan [Tożsamość narodowa po tadżycku – odtwarzanie koncepcji narodu i jego historii w przestrzeni publicznej Republiki Tadżykistanu], "Przegląd Orientalistyczny", No 1-2(257–258), p. 169-182.
  • 2015, The Press in Constructing the Cultural Strategies of War. An Example from the Conflict in the Republic of Tajikistan, "Securitologia" No 22(2), p. 83-93 (with Elżbieta Olzacka).
  • 2015, The Key Content of Contemporary Zoroastrian Identity in the Islamic Republic of Iran: a Socio-Anthropological Approach, in: Studies on the Iranian World II: Medieval and Modern, eds. A. Krasnowolska, R. Rusek-Kowalska, p. 149-156.
  • 2013, Zoroastrian Minority in Modern Tehran: On Collective Identity in the Context of Shi'a Domination [Mniejszość zaratusztriańska w Teheranie. O tożsamości zbiorowej w kontekście dominacji szyickiej], Kraków.
  • 2012, Zoroastrian Religious Minority of Iran in the Context of Shi'i Domination [Zaratusztriańska mniejszość religijna Iranu w kontekście dominacji szyickiej], in: W poszukiwaniu ciągłości i zmiany. Religia w perspektywie socjologicznej, ed. I. Borowik, Kraków, p. 349-364.
  • 2011, Iranian Armenians: The Largest Christian Community in the Islamic Republic of Iran [Irańscy Ormianie – najliczniejsza społeczność chrześcijańska w Islamskiej Republice Iranu], "Estetyka i krytyka", No 23(4), p. 165-181.
  • 2009, Shi'i Institution of Temporary Marriage in Tehran. State Ideology and Practise, „Anthropos”, No 104(1), p. 172-179.

Research projects

  • ‘Lived Religion’ in the Context of Migration: The Case of Zoroastrian Women in the USA – granted by the Kosciuszko Foundation and supported by the  Department of Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA;
  • Identity Formation among Established and Recent Polish Communities around Utica, NY – a joint research project of Jagiellonian University and the Department of Sociology/Anthropology of Utica College, NY, USA, supported by Joseph P. Furgal Fund; carried out since 2016;
  • Tajik Civil War as a Cultural Phenomenon – granted by the Faculty of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University as a result of the contest for young researchers and doctoral students; conducted in the academic year 2015/2016;
  • The Cultural Strategies of War and Reconciliation: Analysis on the Example of the Civil War in the Republic of Tajikistan (1992-1997) – granted by the Polish National Science Centre; conducted in the years 2014-2016;
  • Research on the collective identity of a Zoroastrian religious minority in contemporary Tehran – granted by the Polish Ministry of Education and Science; internship in the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2008.

Other achievements

  • 2015, scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding young scholars; 
  • Aug–Dec 2014, Utica College, New York, USA – visiting professor;
  • Sep–Nov 2012, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe – visiting scholar (field research on identity issues);
  • 2004/2005, and Jan–Jun 2008, International Centre for Persian Studies, Tehran University, Iran;
  • 2005/2006, The Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education Scholarship for outstanding results in education and the Sapere Auso Little Poland Foundation Scholarship for outstanding results in education.