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The Head of the Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilisations

Prof. dr hab. Marta Kudelska

Prof. dr hab. Marta Kudelska


A graduate of Indology and philosophy at the Jagiellonian University. My main research focuses on Indian philosophy (particularly on Nirgunic threads from Upanishads up until Brahmin darshan - Advaita Vedanta). I combine the work of a historian of philosophy with that of a translator of Sanskrit texts. Recently I have been particularly interested in finding the methodological and didactic tools to present Indian philosophy in a way that would make it comprehensible for those only familiar with the Western philosophies. A related stream of my research is dialogue in its various dimensions and aspects, particularly intercultural and inter-religious.

Academic interests

  • Indian philosophy;
  • Nirgunic themes;
  • Contemporary reception of the classical traditions;
  • Inter-religious and intercultural dialogue.

Selected publications

  • 2019, The Temple Road Towards a Great India. Birla Mandirs as a Strategy for Reconstructing Nation and Tradition, WUJ (with Agnieszka Staszczyk, Agata Świerzowska and Dorota Kamińska).
  • 2018, The Relation between Absolute and Relative in Classical Upanishads [Relacja pomiędzy absolutnym a względnym wymiarem rzeczywistości w klasycznych Upaniszadach], "Diametros", No 56.
  • 2018, Uddalaka Aruni: the First Empiricist among Brahmins [Uddalaka Aruni: pierwszy empiryk wśród braminów] [in:] Wschód i Zachód: miejsca spotkań.
  • 2016, An analysis of the notion of the notion of vijňānātman in the context of advaitic interpretation of the relation between the absolute subject and the relative subject, “Zagadnienia Rodzajów Literackich”, vol. 59 no 3 (119).
  • 2016, On the road to the Great India: a program of national revival: the Saraswati temple in Pilani as an expression of the worldview of G.D. Birla, Politeja (with Agnieszka Staszczyk and Agata Świerzowska).
  • 2015, The Idea of Reconstruction of the Indian Tradition on the Basis of the Analysis of the Building Principles of Birla Mandir Temple Complex [Idea odtwarzania tradycji indyjskiej na podstawie analizy założeń budowy kompleksów świątynnych Birla mandir] [in:] Kultury Wschodu w świecie procesów globalizacyjnych (with Agnieszka Staszczyk and Agata Świerzowska).
  • 2014, Birla mandir: Contemporary Hindu Temple Complexes as an Example of Modernisation through Return to Tradition [Birla mandir: współczesne hinduistyczne kompleksy świątynne jako przykład modernizacji przez powrót do tradycji], "The Polish Journal of the Arts and Culture", t. 11, nr 3 (z Agnieszką Staszczyk i Agatą Świerzowską).
  • 2013, The Aporias of Brahmin Philosophical Systems [Aporie bramińskich systemów filozoficznych], "Diametros", nr 36, s. 98–121.
  • 2013, The Transformation of the Ancient Indian Paradigm on the Example of Ćhandogja Upanishad [Przeobrażenie starożytnego paradygmatu indyjskiego na przykładzie upaniszady Ćhandogja], “The Polish Journal of the Arts and Culture”, vol. 8 No 5.
  • 2012, Muni – a Silent Sage among Talkative Brahmins [Muni – milczący mędrzec wśród gadatliwych braminów], "The Polish Journal of Arts and Culture", Kraków, s. 11–26.

Research projects

  • Head of the project funded by the European Union in the framework of the European Social Fund. Project no. POKL 04.01.01 - 171/09, title: Extending the educational offer of the Jagiellonian University. The project promotes a new area of study: Cognitive Science and a philosophical specialisation in Eastern philosophy. The main beneficiaries of the project are Ph.D. students and young post-docs who are subsidised for internships and conferences, both foreign and domestic. Most of the projects result in the publication of a paper in prestigious journals.
  • Head of the project funded by the National Science Centre in the framework of the Opus programme. Title: Birla Mandir - Contemporary Hindu Temple Complexes as an Example of the Modernization by the Return to Tradition. The project will be carried out in collaboration with Dr. Agnieszka Staszczyk and Dr. Agata Świerzowska from February 2014 to January 2017. The aim of the project is to provide a multi-faceted research documentation of the temple complexes founded by the Birla family. The analyses will cover the role and functions of the temples in the religious and socio-political life of contemporary India. Moreover, the study aims to answer whether the iconography of these temples represent a typically Indian or rather a universal spirituality.

Other achievements

  • 2004 Nomination for the Jan Dlugosz prize, Krakow;
  • 1999 Prime Minister's Award for outstanding scholarly achievements (the translation of Upanishads), Warsaw;
  • 1996 Polish Translators Association Award for the best poetic text translation into Polish (Bhagavad Gita), Warsaw.