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Dr hab. Cezary Galewicz, prof. JU

Dr hab. Cezary Galewicz, prof. JU


A historian of civilisations, a researcher exploring contemporary forms of cultural, religious and literary  traditions of South Asia. Combines the rigour of textual studies with passions for field ethnography and documentary film. Inspired by anthropology of ritual and spectacle, Asian music cultures and performing arts. Member and coordinator of international research teams. Translator.

Academic interests

  • South Asian civilizations, continuity and change, diversity and coexistence;
  • traditional knowledge systems, social practices of transmission and organization;
  • ritual, performance and spectacle in religious traditions;
  • cultural history of the book, history of print, literary cultures and anthropology;
  • circulation of cultural objects and diffusion of ideas;
  • memory, manuscript and print cultures,  new media;
  • colonial and postcolonial studies,  history of modernity.

Selected publications

  • 2015,  Żyjące biblioteki Indii: Rygweda braminów Nambudiri, Kraków.
  • 2015, Anxiety and Innovation: on denial of sacrifice in Vedic ritual, in: The Ambivalence of Denial, U. Simon, U. Huesken,  (eds.), Wissbaden (in press).
  • 2014, A Socio-Textual Ecology of the Rgvedadaśagrantha, in: Rethinking Western India. The Changing Contexts of Culture, Society and Religion, D. Deak, D. Jasper (eds.), Delhi.
  • 2012,  Texts and Communities: the manuscripts of the lost Yāmalāstakatantra, in: Aspects in Manuscript Culture in South India, S. Rath (ed.), Leiden.
  • 2011,  La mémoire et l'oubli: La mémorisation du Rgveda chez les Nambudiri du Kerala, in: Lieux de Savoir II –Les mains de l'intellect, C. Jacob (ed.), Paris.
  • 2011, Inscribing Scripture through Ritual: On the Ritual Cycle of Trisandhā, in: Ritual Dynamics: Grammar and Morphology of Rituals in South Asia, A. Michaels et al. (eds.), Wissbaden.
  • 2011,  ‘Let Śiva's favour be alike with scribes and with reciters:' Motifs for copying or not copying the Veda, in: Veda,Vedanga and Avesta between Orality and Writing. Travaux de Symposium Int. Le Livre..., F. Rotaru (ed.), Bucharest.
  • 2011, Text Divisions and Early Classifications of Knowledge in Literary and Epistemic Cultures of South Asia, Kraków.
  • 2010, A Commentator in Service of the Empire: Sāyaṇa and the Royal Project of Commenting on the Whole of the Veda, Wien.

Research projects

  • 2012/05/B/HS2/04103 „Lands of memory, kingdoms of ink, empires of print: Vedic ars memorativa and traditional knowledge system at the turn of the centuries";
  • 0031/H01/2003/25 „Living libraries. Transmission of sacred texts and problems of  coexistence of religions and cultures: the Rigveda of Nambudiri brahmins";
  • 3221/B/H03/2008/34 „Books and Learned Communities: Yāmala-aṣṭaka-tantra and the transmission of the Decalogue of the Rigveda";
  • "Les Mondes Letrés" (EHESS, Paris).

Other achievements

  • visiting professor in EHESS, Paris.

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