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dr Bożena Prochwicz-Studnicka

dr Bożena Prochwicz-Studnicka


M.A. (Jagiellonian University) and PhD (Warsaw University) in Arabic studies in the field of Arabic literature. During the years 1996-2002 lectured at the Chair of Arabic Studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Jagiellonian University, and during the years 2005-2018 at the Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilisations, currently an assistant professor at the Institute of Cultural Studies (Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow).

Academic interests

  • Arabic culture in the context of literacy theory,
  • legal aspects of the classical Arab-Muslim culture,
  • social and spatial structure of the traditional Arab-Muslim city,
  • Islamic religious doctrine and the religious experience in the light of the Qur'ānic commentaries.

Selected publications

  • 2019, Literary representation of the self in medieval Arabic autobiographies and the cultural barriers to self-cognition. The literacy theory perspective, “Al-Qantara” 40 (2)/2019 (forthcoming).
  • 2019, The formation and the development of the Arabic script from the earliest times until its standardization, “The Polish Journal of the Arts and Culture. New Series” 9 (1), 2019, s. 53-91.
  • 2018, Ibn al-Ğawzī, Stories of the Keen Minds (Aḫbār al-aḏkiyā’) [in Polish], „Przegląd Orientalistyczny”, No 1-2 (265-266), pp. 197-206.
  • 2018, Divine Mercy and its (In)Finity in the Light of the Quran [in Polish], [in:] The Interdisciplinary Perspective on the Experience of Mercy [Interdyscyplinarne spojrzenie na doświadczenie miłosierdzia], ed. P. Sawa, Katowice, s. 209-228.
  • 2018, The Origins of the Great Significance of Writing in the Arab-Muslim Culture, “Anthropos” 113.2018/1, pp. 217-233.
  • 2018, A Cat in the Early Medieval Urban Arab-Muslim Society in the Light of the Adab Literature [in Polish], [in:] Cat in Literature, Culture, Language and Media [Kot w literaturze, kulturze, języku i mediach], ed. E. Borkowska et al., [i]WN Wydawnictwo Naukowe IKR[i]BL, Siedlce, pp. 45-61.
  • 2015, The hisba manuals on the examination of physicians and pharmacists and the control of their work (Egypt, 12th – 14th century). Fiction or reality? [in Polish], [in:] Medical culture of Islam [Kultura medyczna islamu], eds. B. Płonka-Syroka, Ł. Braun, Warszawa, pp. 57-76.
  • 2014, Between quackery and charlatanry. Popular healing practices in the classical Islamic world [in Polish], [in:] Wealth and poverty. A critical comparative analysis of discourses [Bogactwo i bieda. Krytyczno-porównawcza analiza dyskursów], ed. B. Płonka-Syroka, Wrocław 2014, pp. 265-283.
  • 2014, Selected aspects of the organisation of the traditional Arab-Muslim city in the context of public health [in Polish], [in:] Cleanliness and dirt. Hygiene in the Middle Ages [Czystość i brud. Higiena w średniowieczu], ed. W. Korpalska, W. Ślusarczyk, Bydgoszcz, pp. 277-292.
  • 2013, Usul al-fiqh. What are the classical Sunni "roots/foundations of our knowledge of the divine law"? [in Polish], “Czasopismo Prawno-Historyczne”, Vol. 65, issue 1, pp. 11-51.

Other achievements

  • management of the project DUN – Science Popularization Activities (agreement no 922/P-DUN/2018), financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. In the frame of the project two issues of “The Polish Journal of the Arts and Culture. New Series” will be published in English;
  • vice-Editor-in-Chief of “The Polish Journal of the Arts and Culture. New Series”;
  • co-responsibility for the project supporting oriental language learning programme in the Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilisations (agreement no AD/2/1/2013). The project was financed by the Rector’s Fund for Development of Didactics „Ars Docendi”;
  • a laureate (2010/2011) of the Jagiellonian University Rector award for educational achievements.