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Dr Agnieszka Staszczyk

Dr Agnieszka Staszczyk


1997-2002 – MA studies in the field of Oriental Philology, specialisation in Indology, Jagiellonian University in Krakow;

2000-2005 – MA studies in the History of Art, Jagiellonian University in Krakow;

2007-2011 – PhD studies in the History of Art, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun;

2009-2011 – language teacher at the Department of Comparative Civilisation Studies;

2012-now – lecturer at the Department of Comparative Civilisation Studies.

Academic interests

  • the culture of the Indian subcontinent;
  • the religious art of North India;
  • the iconography of religious representations;
  • the beliefs and mythologies of India;
  • artistic and iconographic treatises in Indian literature.

Selected publications

  • 2013 Hindu Sculpture in Mathura from 2nd CE to 4th CE. Iconography and Form, [Rzeźba hinduistyczna w Mathurze od II do IV w. n.e. Ikonografia i forma], DiG publishing house, Warszawa, ISBN 978-83-7181-764-9 p. 272; text in Polish.
  • 2012 Three vaiṣṇava pillars from the Gupta period in the collection of the Bharat Kalā Bhavan and the Allahabad Museum, The Artistic Traditions of non-European Cultures, vol. 2, ed. Bogna Łakomska, Polish Institute of World Art Studies & Tako Publishing House, Warsaw-Toruń, pp. 75-95, ISBN 9788362737208; text in English.
  • 2010 Iconography and Position of the Yaksas in Indian Sculpture up to 6th century A.D., [Ikonografia i funkcja jakszów w rzeźbie indyjskiej do VI w. n.e.], Sztuka i kultura wizualna Indii, ed. Piotr Balcerowicz, Jerzy Malinowski, DiG publishing house, Warszawa, pp. 109-128, ISBN 978-83-7181-636-9; text in Polish with abstract in English.
  • 2009 Notes on Preparation of Building Materials Based on Selected Chapters of Vishnudharmottarapurana, [Przygotowanie materiałów budowlanych na podstawie wybranych fragmentów Vishnudharmottarapurany], Artystyczne tradycje pozaeuropejskich kultur, red. Bogna Łakomska, Tako publishing house, Toruń, pp. 51-67, ISBN 978-83-924110-4-8; text in Polish with abstract in English.
  • 2009 Battle and Ceremony – miniatures of the Moghul Palace School from the 17th century in the Museum of Princes Czartoryski. ["Bitwa i Uroczystość" – XVII-wieczne miniatury mogolskiej szkoły pałacowej w Muzeum XX. Czartoryskich], Studia o sztuce Bliskiego i Środkowego Wschodu, ed. Jerzy Malinowski, Trio publishing house, Warszawa, pp. 111-126, ISBN 978-83-7436-198-9; text in Polish with abstract in English.
  • 2008 The Vishnu Iconography in Hindu Art – Genesis of the Image and its Variations, [Ikonografia Wisznu w sztuce hinduskiej – geneza i typy przedstawień], Sztuka Orientu, T.I, Studia nad sztuką Azji, ed. Jerzy Malinowski, Joanna Wasilewska, Adam Marszałek publishing house, Toruń, pp. 11-28, ISBN 978-83-7441955-0; text in Polish with abstract in English.
  • 2007 Creation and Consecration of Divine Images in Hindu Art, [Tworzenie i konsekracja boskich przedstawień w sztuce hinduistycznej, Neriton publishing house], Warszawa; ISBN 978-83-7543-001-1, p. 106; text in Polish with abstract in English.

Research projects

  • from January 2014: Birla mandirs - the contemporary Hindu temple complexes as an example of modernisation by going back to tradition - research project at the NCN National Science Centre, Poland (Opus scheme, with Prof. Kudelska and Dr. Świerzowska).

Other achievements

  • from 1999 regular research trips to India;
  • October 2008: Research in London: The Lanckoronski Foundation Fellowship for research in London;
  • November 2008 - August 2009: Visiting Student Researcher under the Programme of institute of International Education / Fulbright Junior Advanced Research Programme, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.